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About TrustYou

TrustYou is the first and only platform to integrate all guest feedback solutions into a single, integrated platform that makes listening to guests easy, powerful, and actionable. The platform unlocks the potential of guest feedback and helps users to:

  • Analyze and understand all reviews across the web and make better business decisions.
  • Improve operations and increase efficiency with automated reports and tracking valuable KPIs.
  • Publish hotel reviews publicly to allow positive feedback to influence bookings and generate more revenue.
  • Create extensive opportunities to listen and respond to guests’ needs.
  • Improve the guest experience proactively with the ability to hear and respond to issues onsite.

TrustYou’s guest feedback platform easily integrates with other hotel software, such as PMS, CRM, or revenue management systems. Therefore, the data generated by feedback directly impacts operations, performance, and communications, all while supporting hoteliers in their strategic processes and decision-making.

While using apaleo for your reservations data, with TrustYou integration you can manage your reputation online, communicate with guests via multiple channels, and make use of your reservation data to enrich your guest profiles and therefore, leverage unique insights around guests' experience with TrustYou surveys.

Integration features

Learn what do guests really think about the stay

Compose your own survey, send it out to your guests and find out what do they think about your hotel.


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