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About UpsellGuru

<h3>All-In-One Upselling - The most exciting way to offer upgrades and increase your hotel revenue from pre-arrival to post-stay.</h3>

<b>Engage your guests</b></br> Bidding on upgrades adds excitement. Invoke positive emotions & drive conversions.

<b>Increase guest satisfaction</b></br> Enhance your guests stay with higher room categories and added services.

<b>Personalize guest stay</b></br> Offer extras along with upgrades giving your guests the power to personalize their stay.

<b>Realize revenue potential</b></br> Significantly increase your room up-selling revenue and the sales of extra services.

<b>Optimize your hotel inventory</b></br> Monetizing room upgrades - freeing up lower room categories for more bookings.

<b>Automate your upselling</b></br> Plugs directly into your PMS to update your upsells. No manual work required.

<b>Motivate and reward your team</b></br> Track your teams upselling performance and reward them with commission or incentives.

<b>NO RISK</b></br> No setup fees and lock-in contracts. Flexible payment models.

<b>FULLY INTEGRATED</b></br> Our 2-way interface to apaleo makes to up-selling process fully automated.

<b>PROVEN RESULTS</b></br> Top producing hotels achieving up-selling conversion rates: </br> Pre-arrival Upselling: 14.47% | In-house Upselling: 29.25%

Fully Automated
Fully automated with a 2 way integration to your hotel pms. No manual work required.
Brand Customized
Easy to use email templates designed to drive upselling conversions. 100% Customized to your brand.
Create unique experiences for each guest with dynamic offers. Drive your hotel revenue intelligently.
Enhance your entire guest journey from booking confirmation to post-stay all in one solution.

Integration features

2 Way Integration

Fully automated upselling with apaleo 2-way pms integration.

FREE Setup

Completely FREE setup. Get started in minutes and reach new revenue immediately.



Customized pre-arrival emails to your guests with upsell opportunity, starting at 150€ minimum fee. No setup fees and no lock-in contracts.

1.5 €/monthlyPer room
UpSuite 360

Our most popular upselling plan, featuring robust pre-arrival and in-house upselling tools to enhance your entire guest journey.

4.5 €/monthlyPer room
Starter Package

Try our pre-arrival upselling platform with lite access to: confirmation, pre stay, in-house and post stay.

1 €/monthlyPer room