Unified Inbox by Bookboost

Manage your communications and tasks through a single platform. Save time & effort for your staff.
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About Unified Inbox by Bookboost

Bookboost Unified Inbox helps you to create a better guest experience while saving time and effort. Keep track, manage and respond to all guest enquiries through one platform.

Get a general overview of all your communications, no matter what channel your guests are using. Access all the information related to your guests from one single platform, and organise your team's tasks in an easy and quick way.

Increase Guest Engagement & Satisfaction
Don’t miss a single message! Respond to their guests' inquiries faster and more efficiently than ever before, taking the guest experience from regular to exceptional with minimal effort.
Be Available 24/7
Even if your team is busy, the chatbot can take over and allow you to interact with your guests and provide answers to all their questions while they are still interested.
Increase Guest Engagement & Satisfaction
Fast and accurate answers lead to more engaged conversations and interactions, allowing you to connect with your guests and build relationships that will last.
Get More Direct Bookings
80% of guests check hotel websites before booking on OTAs! Unified Inbox includes a web messenger that will engage your website visitors, giving the right information and driving more direct bookings.

Integration features

Bundle all communications

Bookboost Unified Inbox integrates all messages from a variety of apps, giving you a general overview of your communications (SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, Booking.com, Airbnb, and more).

Message Automation

When the customer service team is unavailable, let the chatbot take over. Automate repetitive guest inquiries using AI technology, making FAQs easily accessible.

Assign messages to different team members

Make sure every guest is talking to the right person by assigning the messages. This will create a better guest experience and avoid confusion within the workflows.


Unified Inbox

Handle all inbound communication & tasks. Create quick replies and save valuable hours of time for your staff.

4 €/monthlyPer room
Magic Formule (Full platform)

Handle all inbound & outbound communication - on the right channel, at the right time, to the right profile.

8 €/monthlyPer room