Data Analytics by PI

Data Analytics by PI

Data Analytics transforms all your data into easy to use dashboards to build your hotel strategy
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About Data Analytics by PI

Profit Intelligence Data Analytics is an enhanced Business Intelligence solution designed for hoteliers. It connects to most data sources and allows you to create unlimited dynamic dashboards with a large set of intuitive drill-down charts.

How PI's Data Analytics module will change your daily work life:

Answers to your right questions:  Better understand your hotel's performance and reservations. With a click of a button, you'll get access to both high level KPI's to deep analytical insights. You'll have interactive and "drillable" charts available to quickly gain insights and find the right answers.

No silos:  Easily combine other data sources including Rate Shops, Conferences, Room, Competitors, Reviews, Benchmark… etc. and be able to create unlimited customizable dashboards for all your departments and speak the same language. With the additional Chain Connect Module, you can analyse multiple hotels at once.

You gained time:  no more manual calculations, extractions, formulas to maintain.  You can focus on your core business with the right intelligence. Incomparably faster implementation than traditional BI.

High-quality data:  Since PI is fully integrated with apaleo, all your reservation level data is available and up-to-date 24/7 without getting bothered whatever happens on the back-end.

Top Features:

  • Fully integrated with apaleo
  • Interactive & drill-down charts
  • Customizable dashboard & charts
  • Create custom KPI’s
  • Data Mapping and grouping
  • Visualize your Conferences, Room, Competitors, Review, Benchmark… data

“Data is part of your capital... Data is capital!”


PI - Data Analytics

Access to the Data Analytics and Smart Data including Standard support. No other startup or registration costs.

1.49 €/monthlyPer room
PI-Data Analytics+Smart Connect

All the above + Access to Smart Connect to consolidate all your hotels' data and dashboards. No other startup or registration costs.

1.88 €/monthlyPer room