We're the German market leader for chatbots in hospitality and work with the latest AI-technology.💙
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About DialogShift

Hi there! We're the German market leader for chatbots & live chat for hospitality. 💙 DialogShift relieves hotels with chatbot solutions that automatically answer guest queries around the clock in countless languages and at various points of contact with the guest. Our innovative startup from the heart of Berlin develops chatbots that work with the latest technology: Generative AI from OpenAI. You might know this technology from ChatGPT. Our bots engage in almost human-like conversations leading to higher customer satisfaction. The automation rate is over 95%. We also help hotels to sustainably increase their direct bookings and reduce commissions. Our customized chatbots are made for driving engagement and conversion. Every third person that is engaging with your DialogShift chatbot ends up booking a stay. And of course: Data security & GDPR compliance according to German regulations. 🇩🇪 Hundreds of hotels - from the well-known hotel chain to the family-run house with eight rooms - are supported by us in their guest communication.🚀 In this way, we enable hotels and their employees for what really matters in the hotel industry: great service. 💙 For references check out our website: www.dialogshift.com

✨ Winner of the Best Travel Technology Award 2020 ✨

Higher conversion 🚀
Convert chat users to guests through the booking engine (IBE) integretion. Save your guests waiting time and give them the answers they are looking for in seconds.
Employee relief 💙
Your team is way too precious to hang around the telephone all day answering repetitive questions. 95% automation. Enable your staff for what really matters in the hotel industry: great service. 💙
Various Channels 📲
Reach your guests right where they are. You can integrate your DialogShift Chatbot in your Website chat, WhatsApp, Google Business Messages, Code2Order, Facebook Messenger and Web Chat.
Detailed report and statistics 📊
Keep track of what you're doing. View performance insights at any time and constantly improve your bot. Our personal support by customer success managers helps you with this if needed. 👷🏽‍♀️

Integration features

Reservation creation

DialogShift will create a reservation in apaleo

Reservation modification

DialogShift will add, replace or remove: - Comment - GuestComment - PaymentAccount - TravelPurpose - AdditionalGuests - company (using company/Id, and only if not already set) - Commission - PrimaryGuest - ValidationMessages



KI Automatisierung & Multi Channel. Money-back guarantee for 60 days.

150 €/monthlyPer property