Experience Hotel

Experience Hotel

Designed to manage guest database, e-reputation, guest experience, and email marketing campaign.
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About Experience Hotel

Experience Hotel is a tool that handles your customer relations and ensures the ideal customer experience, from the first reservation until customer loyalty is established.

  • Capture: the contact information collected from each customer
  • Segment: customer profiles are segmented according to predetermined criteria
  • Personalize: a personalized experience for every step of the customer journey
  • Publish: customer comments are published on social media
  • Build loyalty: automatic email campaigns to build loyalty

Nonstop support, from reservation to arrival

Reservation confirmations, welcome emails, pre-stay forms, sale of services, pre-check-in, etc.: a collection of simple tools lets you fully anticipate and response to customers' needs.

A quality customer experience is your top priority. Your customers will notice, and feel that they have made the right choice.

Forget the Traditional Business/Pleasure Dichotomy.

Influential social media users, couples celebrating a wedding anniversary, business travelers likely to be interested in a corporate contract, frequent travelers to your city discovering your hotel for the first time, etc.

Over 30 different criteria determine the optimal steps to take to create future revenue specific to each customer profile.

Simplify Your Check-In

Whether it's the GDPR or just the police forms for your jurisdiction, our welcome form tablet application allows you to maintain perfect compliance with current laws.

No more paper storage! Everything is computerized.

4 Steps That are Indispensable to Your E-Reputation

  • Without an email address, there's no way to invite them to write a comment.
  • Without continuous monitoring of the quality of their stay, you run the risk of receiving a negative review.
  • Without providing exceptional customer experience, it's difficult to receive the kind of scores you need to move up in the ratings.

Experience Hotel puts you in control of the 3 points above so that you can publish comments on social media.

Never Lose Contact with Your Customers

For three years, every customer is analyzed to determine which automatic personalized messages s/he will receive from you.

You maintain an elegant relationship with your clients. They understand and remember the advantages of reserving future stays directly, whether for themselves or for loved ones they have spoken to about your hotel.

Your Former OTA Customers  Retained With No Commission

Give yourself every opportunity to get your customers to book directly, and inspire their loved ones to discover your hotel, by:

  1. collecting email addresses from all your customers.
  2. providing an extraordinary experience in your hotel.
  3. using data intelligently to manage your automatic emailing campaigns.


Experience Hotel

All the tools, before, during and after the stay, to provide a personalized experience for every single guest.

2.5 €/monthlyPer room

An authentic, fully automated customer loyalty strategy Manage your communications: Experience will handle everything for you.

4 €/monthlyPer room