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Sell Differently - With Dynamic Inventory - Plus 20% Higher Revenues
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About GauVendi - Central Sales Platform

When you rethink inventory in a totally novel way, you open up a whole new world of possibilities for your business. It's not utopia; in fact, it's easy to do by using the GauVendi platform (AI) to translate your room categories in apaleo into infinitive, flexible, and individualized stay products that are relevant for your guests. In return, those products are translated back to apaleo to automate the fulfillment.

GauVendi is an AI-based end-to-end sales system for product design, pricing, presentation, distribution, and marketing of stay experiences based on dynamic room inventory for highly differentiated and automated sales. Boosts RevPAR, automates reservations and improves NPS scores.

Pivot your performance with new automation, individualized inventory distribution, hyper-personalized & attribute-based merchandizing, feature-based revenue management, distinct marketing communication and novel real estate & buying behaviour insights.

One Platform - Independent Products (independently or in combination available):

  1. Inventi-Flow (AI Powered Inventory Optimization) - Free & Premium Version
  2. Internet Sales Engine with Attribute-based Selling (ABS) - replacing Booking Engines
  3. Call-Pro Plus - Call Centre Solution for easy, personalized customer service
  4. Flexi-Channel - Channel Manager Integration for Differentiated Distribution
  5. Feature-based Revenue Engine
  6. Sales Optimizer - Automated Gap Filling & Bye Bye Split Stays
  7. Business Intelligence

Your benefits:

  • Proven 20% Higher Revenues
  •  Proven Net Promoter Score uplift
  • 70% Automation of Reservation Processes
  • Proven Channel shift, more direct & higher value bookings
  • Higher asset appreciation
  • Novel guest & real estate insights

+20% Higher Revenues
On average, 60% of all bookings are upsold to higher value products with attribute-based selling and novel revenue management through feature-based & poly-dynamic inventory management. 3 month ROI.
Intelligent & Dynamic Assignment Automation
Dynamic room optimization & best-fit room allocations based on novel inventory management practices to maximize occupancy, revenue or house-keeping efficiency.
70% Automation of Manual Resevation Processe
Reduce unnecessary phone calls and emails through automated and transparent booking experiences & automation, freeing up staff to serve guests efficiently.
Net Promoter Score uplift
Full transparency at time of booking managing guest expectations better and allowing all hosts to WOW their guests during arrival based on booking context.

Integration features

Inventi-Flow (Free & Premium Version)

Inventi-Flow is an AI driven reservation assignment and inventory optimization tool. A dynamic approach optimizes occupancy, revenue or house-keeping constraints by proactively assigning & re-assigning the best room fits to reservations up to 365 days in advance for a 2-4 week period.

Internet Sales Engine & Call Pro-Plus

Experience hyper-personalized selling with our next-gen booking engine. Enjoy dynamic displays, attribute-based selling and individual product reservation calendars. Sell and personalize effortlessly with our call center solution.


Connect to a partner Channel Manager and map infinite number of products, each selling different things, to different channels. This process is fully automated, allowing you to gain control of your distribution and optimize each channel.


Free Inventi-Flow

Dynamic inventory performance management to maximize occupancy and lock personalized room reservations.

Premium Inventi-Flow

Dynamic inventory performance management to maximize occupancy, revenue or house-keeping efficiency.

1 €/monthlyPer roomFree for 14 days
Internet Sales Engine

Experience hyper-personalized selling with our next-gen booking engine, dynamic retailing, attribute-based selling and more...

3.8 €/monthlyPer room

Activate a partner channel manager and sell individualized products to different channels. Monthly subscription is subject to property size.

50 €/monthly
Experience Inventory Platform

Start discovering a novel way to manage inventory with feature-based and polydynamic product management.