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About happyhotel

The happyhotel revenue and yield management system has a simple dashboard that supports the hotelier in the data analysis of the most important hotel KPI’s.

Hoteliers can achieve more revenue without a great deal of prior knowledge. The hotelier gets past, current and future values of:

  • RevPar
  • Occupancy
  • ADR
  • Revenue

Through the booking pace graph and on the books evaluation the hotelier can react to the current market conditions. Furthermore, the hotelier can review every day the important reports and get an alert if the values do not correspond with the budget.

happyhotel uses a special formula and an algorithm which gives the hotelier the best price recommendation for his hotel or each of the hotel segments and room types.

With an interface to apaleo, happyhotel gets all data to analyze the hotel. happyhotel facilitates the hotelier's life through automatic processes so that he can concentrate on other things.

Price recommendations for more revenue
happyhotel will calculate your optimal room price. Get exclusive price suggestions for your hotel based on occupancy, events, current demand and booking speed.
Analyze your PMS data
happyhotel compares different metrics with each other and supports you with exact evaluations of pickup, ADR, RevPar, occupancy, occupancy rates and sales.

Integration features

Get all property data

Happyhotel downloads inventory, rate plans, reservations for the past and future dates.

Price update mechanism

Happyhotel will maximize your hotel revenue and update prices for most optimal price strategy.


Revenue professional

Our algorithm provides price suggestions for your rooms 365 days in advance. You can achieve more turnover through dynamic prices.

5 €/monthlyPer roomFree for 30 days
Freemium package

Meaningful analysis of your revenue, occupancy, average daily rates and the RevPar. A further added value is the pickup calendar.