Are you looking for a resource saving 24/7 contactless check-in and out solution for your hotel?

About HelloGuest

HelloGuest – Your digital hotel assistant

Are you looking for a resource saving 24/7 contactless check-in and check-out solution for your hotel? A solution that operates across all channels, such as online, mobile and stationary - all from just one central modular platform?

The products of HelloGuest Solutions GmbH help every host to intelligently optimize the internal run of process – depending on the hotel format and the target groups of guests. The result is a resource-saving solution for you as a host and a continuous and additional service for your guest.

Our digital services

We offer your guests continuous digital services, such as:

  • Hotel search and direct booking
  • contactless self-check-in, including registration form – in compliance with the law
  • door opening with guest smartphone, no app download required (available for every hotel guest on their smartphones or any other device)
  • fully integrated digital guest directory, with hotel information, digital menu (room service), inhouse services, feedback and guest ABC
  • payment management, including invoice splitting
  • checkout

These services are made possible via several solutions: e.g. the Multi-Check-in App, the Self-Check-in Station, POS Station or via the Registration form Pad and the HelloGuest Hotel TV App.

Our platform

Behind all those services lies the cloud based HelloGuest interface platform, which connects a broad number of hotel systems and technologies in order to convert analogue into digital hotel processes. We cooperate with all major room access providers and payment providers featuring their e-commerce and acquiring solutions. The HelloGuest platform easily integrates your internet booking engine and enables you to send emails, push notifications and even live-chat with your guest. Additional integrations e.g. POS solutions are possible.

Individual consultation

HelloGuest accompanies you throughout the whole digitalization process and supports you from the start of the project until the end and beyond. The products of HelloGuest offer the perfect solution for every host. Let our experts advise you and digitalize your hotel with solutions from HelloGuest.

For more information please visit us at www.helloguest-solutions.com

Integration features

Smooth Check- In and Out

Helloguest solution will help you optimize your Check-In and Check-Out process.

Payment processing

You will be allowed to process payments from your Guests.

Invoice generation

Hellogues is capable of creating invoices for your guests and deliver them via email.


HelloGuest has not shared public pricing.