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About Hotelbird

Hotelbird has transformed the guest experience in hospitality. With over 100.000 contracted hotel rooms, 5 service channels for guests and over 50 interfaces to the leading system providers in der hotel industry.

Our mission is to provide the core technology for a seamless digital guest journey and empower hosts to increase their operational success.

Our technology gives every hotel total flexibility at the reception and saves an enormous amount of time and money by automating the check-in/out processes. As market leader, we work with the leading hotel companies like Accor, Achat Hotels, Amano Hotels, Amaron Hotels, Arcotel Hotels, Azimut Hotels, Best Western Hotels, Dorint Hotels & Resorts, Falkensteiner Hotels, Flemings Hotels, Gorgeous Smiling Hotels, InterContinal Hotels & Resorts, Leonardo Hotels, Lindner Hotels, Meininger Hotels, Motel One, Super8 Hotels and other hotel groups.

Multi-guest channels
By using multiple guest channels such as web application, apps, kiosk terminals and also booking platforms, we can ensure a high usage rate.
Spending less time on administrative tasks
With Hotelbird, hotels can automate and simplify various administrative processes, such as check-ins, check-outs, and payment procedures.
Digital and seamless guest journey
Hotelbird's digital and seamless guest journey transforms the way guests experience hotels, providing them with a modern and efficient stay.
Full Apaleo integration
Hotelbird's full PMS integration with Apaleo simplifies hotel operations, automates check-in/out processes, increases guest satisfaction and optimizes efficiency.

Integration features

Digital Check-In/Out

Hotelbird optimizes the hotel operations with easy check-in and check-out process.

Digital Registration Form

Go paperless with Hotelbird and enjoy the digital registration form functionality.

Digital Key Functionality

Hotelbird gives hotels a possibility to use digital keys.


Professional package

- Digital guest ident - Vaccination proof - Digital registration form - Digital check-in/out - Online guest directory - Digital payment

2.99 €/monthlyPer room
Professional Plus Package

- Digital guest ident - Vaccination proof - Digital registration form - Digital check-in/out - Online guest directory - Online payment - Key

4.99 €/monthlyPer room
Digital Check-in Module

By streamlining the check-in process, Hotelbird's Digital Check-in module enhances guest satisfaction while optimizing operational efficienc

0.99 €/monthlyPer roomFree for 14 days