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About Hotelbird

Hotelbird has transformed the guest experience in hospitality with over 130.000 contracted hotel rooms in 29 european countries, 3 service channels for guests and over 50 interfaces to the leading system providers in the hotel industry.

Our mission is to provide hotel companies with core technology for a seamless and digital guest experience to enhance operational success.
We accompany your guests before arrival, during their stay, and after departure. All interactions with the hotel can be digitally mapped and integrated into your existing guest communication.

Hotelbird collaborates with leading hotel chains in Europe, including Achat Hotels, Amano Hotels, Atlantic Hotels, Best Western Hotels, Brera Apartments, Dorint Hotels, Falkensteiner Hotels, Great2Stay, Smartments, IHG Hotels, Koncept Hotels, Lindner Hotels, MEININGER Hotels, Motel One, Super 8 Hotels or Welcome Hotels.

Multi-Channel Guest Interaction
Hotelbird offers guests web, app, terminal, and Progressive Web App interaction channels. Our Open API ensures seamless integration with your existing systems for a cohesive digital experience.
Bidirectional Interfaces
Our interfaces support bidirectional data communication for seamless integration with lock and payment systems. This ensures real-time updates and streamlined operations, enhancing overall efficiency.
Enhanced Digital Guest Experience
Hotelbird transforms the hotel stay into a modern, efficient experience. Our digital solutions ensure a seamless journey from check-in to check-out, reducing wait times and boosting guest satisfaction
Comprehensive Apaleo Integration
Our full integration with Apaleo PMS streamlines hotel operations, automates processes, and enhances guest experiences, simplifying tasks for staff and ensuring a smooth, hassle-free stay for guests.

Integration features

Digital Check-In/Out

Hotelbird lets guests check in/out digitally via their mobile devices, eliminating reception queues. Full Apaleo integration automates data transfer, reducing staff workload and ensuring accuracy. This streamlined process offers flexibility and convenience, even without a dedicated app.

Digital Guest Communication & Guest Folder

Keep guests engaged with our guest communication & digital guest folder. Inform about events, promotions, and offers via automated & personalized emails & push notifications. The folder includes a direct booking link, hotel details & more.Strengthen customer loyalty with this communication channels.

Digital Door Opening & Payment Solutions

Our digital key lets guests access rooms instantly, eliminating physical keys. Guests can complete payment before check-in or during check-out & guests can split expenses (private/business). It supports a fully digital 24/7 reception and we customize the digitization level to fit your hotel's needs.


Professional package

- Digital guest ident - Vaccination proof - Digital registration form - Digital check-in/out - Online guest directory - Digital payment

3.99 €/monthlyPer room
Professional Plus Package

Digital: guest ident, registration form, check-in/out, guest folder, Online payment, Key (Guest Communication Modul is not included)

4.99 €/monthlyPer room
Digital Check-in

By streamlining the check-in process, our Digital Check-in module enhances guest satisfaction while optimizing operational efficiency.

0.99 €/monthlyPer room
Guest Communication starting at

Easily inform guests about special events, promotions, and personalized offers via automated emails and push notifications.

0.99 €/monthlyPer room