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IVI increases your revenue, drives efficiencies and helps you grow your revenue skills.
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About Infinito Virtual Intelligence

Complexity is the enemy of execution. We are too small of a hotel. I find Revenue Management too complicated! We don't have a the budget for a revenue manager, let alone a system. Have you ever heard those statements? Yup, us too!

Hence, we built IVI, Infinito Virtual Intelligence. A revenue decision support tool that increases revenues, drives efficiencies and increases your revenue skills; all in a simple to use - no knowledge required tool. We believe 100% in the human, the user...You!

Our job is to make sure that you understand what is happening and what the data is saying, understand when you are needed and when not, to highlights anomalies and more importantly: to make sure your skills in revenue management grow without breaking the bank nor requiring endless hours slaving through data.

You are our client if you can say yes to any of those statements:

I don't have a revenue manager, but I want to more about my business. I do not want to spend hours looking at data though. I want a tool that takes all complexities, simplifies them & tells me in simple words: what is going on and what should I be looking at I want a tool that tells me when I need to spend time on revenue, but that doesn't disturb me if business as usual I am a revenue manager and need an analyst that gives me the insights so I can focus my time on strategy I am a multi property revenue manager and need to able to get to the bottom of things faster.

Key benefits for switching on IVI:

Applicable to all levels of skillset and revenue knowledge through our virtual analyst. Data geek? Use data beast mode. Data anxious? Use virtual analyst.. Virtual Analyst who turns data into easy to understand narrative. Perfect for answering questions "What am I supposed to do" button to tell you where to look and what to do. Imagine it like a mini task list of priorities Multi property drill down perfect for answering the boss questions when asked: "Where in xxx do we have an issue?" Mobility and mobile first. You have to have a life....and it shouldn't be at your desk!

Can any hotel use IVI or do I need to have a minimum room count?

Any hotel regardless of room count nor user knowledge is required. If a business is small, then the time you need to spend as well as the complexities are likely to be smaller. But making better decisions to increase revenues, what IVI focuses on, is valid across all hotels.

Work smarter, not harder! Life enhancing!

Here is a little welcome for you and what´s in store for you when you join our community: Welcome from our Founder Fabian Bartnick


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