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Imagine the whole of your guests digital journey in one place

About LikeMagic

“Just as digital photography once replaced its predecessors, likeMagic is becoming a game changer in the hotel industry”, says one of our first customers. But why?

Proudly engineered in Switzerland, likeMagic delivers a unique all-in-one solution for guests, employees and operators in just one browser-based, responsive web app.

This means that guests book and check in online whenever they want, and unlock the door by using the same browser app that accompanies them along the whole stay with the hotel.

The staff uses the same browser-based app to manage the guests' stay. What’s more, likeMagic acts like a platform so even the hotel software and door locks are connected. This allows likeMagic to monitor the stability of the system, which is a unique feature on the market.

What drives us? Starting from scratch, we rethink things completely and make considerable changes to what working in the hospitality industry may look like tomorrow.

Digital guest journey in just one place
Guests decide through the seamless and end-to-end personalized digital journey when they want to do what.
Intuitive one-stop-solution for employees
Employees proactively support and communicate with their guests on their digital journey from an intuitive customer servicing platform.
Holistic guest profiles
Owners are provided with holistic guest profiles as well as operations data to steer their business in an efficient way and generate revenue.
Full process & data ownership
All (highly critical) business processes are specifically orchestrated and constantly monitored.

Integration features

Real time integration with Apaleo

All changes made by a guest or employee through the digital guest journey of likeMagic is reflected in Apaleo in real time and vice versa. This allows your hotel to have a fully digital and automated check-in and check-out process.

Digital room keys

With likeMagic you are able to offer digital room keys to your guests. Additionally, through our self-serving kiosk guests can create physical key cards.

Guest communication

Through likeMagic you can communicate with your guests through their preferred communication channel like SMS, WhatsApp, email and many more.


One solution from One provider

Full process & data ownership (starting price)

8 €/monthlyPer room