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Market Intelligence (HQrevenue)

Market Intelligence helps hotels sell their inventory for the right price at the right time.
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About Market Intelligence (HQrevenue)

Market Intelligence is lightning-fast market analytics and BI. A reliable, cloud-based software delivering hyper-detailed, up-to-date information on the market, competition, and operations. It aggregates and visualizes millions of data points, including information from over 20 OTAs and 300 brands, and integrates with more than 60 of the best software solutions in the industry.

Features made for professional revenue management:

  • Real-time rate shopping
  • Competitor rates for the next 365 days
  • Parity check across distribution and meta channels
  • 30-day price development of any arrival date
  • Demand analytics in macro markets with LAR
  • Worldwide public and school holidays, events, and weather forecasts
Monitor your competitors
Your competitors’ rates for the next 365 days, updated in real-time.
Check your parity
Check your rates across all your channels and easily spot any irregularities from your brand.
Analyze your market demand
Access data on the demand in your destination (City Demand) and in customizable macro-markets.
Track events worldwide
All the events & holidays in the world and in your city at your fingertips.

Integration features

1-way integration

HQrevenue pulls ARI data to provide you with rate & market insights


Premium Pro

- Daily rate shops + single-day real-time shops - Up to 6 competitors

59 €/monthlyPer propertyFree for 14 days
Enterprise Max

- Real-time rate shops - Multiple competitor sets - Up to 18 competitors - Account-based API access

139 €/monthlyPer property