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The Revenue Strategy Platform for Hospitality
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About FLYR for Hospitality

FLYR for Hospitality, is transforming hospitality revenue management with a cutting-edge revenue strategy platform, that puts the power of machine learning and the latest data science directly into the hands of hospitality revenue managers. Our Industry-leading AI-driven decision intelligence and business intelligence suite, is driving the next level of revenue management, empowering hospitality operators to make optimal commercial decisions in real-time. Let’s move revenue management forward.

Revenue Optimisation: Transform Hospitality Revenue with Predictive Analytics. Our cloud-based platform maximizes booking revenues and propels hotels with innovative technology. Experience micro-targeted pricing, AI-driven decisions, and automated strategies that lift your revenue.

Commercial Intelligence: Innovative hotel leaders never stop in their search to improve the performance of their portfolio. Advanced analytics empower teams to unlock actionable insights that inform smarter commercial decision making.

Equipped with a single source of truth and intuitive investigative tool set, data can be explored without limits and shared with rich visualisations. Putting you in complete control, driving productivity, so you can focus on what's important: your strategy.

Unlock revenue potential
5-20% Revenue Growth
Efficiency savings
Reduce staffing costs by up to 50% with automation
Instant results
20x Average ROI
Rapid implementation
One hour onboarding

Integration features

2-way integration

Apaleo feeds pricing & availability to Pace Revenue which then sends back pricing recommendations to Apaleo in real-time.


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