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About Price My Hotel Room

Price My Hotel Room is a unique revenue management system, developed by hoteliers, where self-learning algorithms work together with human intelligence to improve bottom line profitability.

With our smart system many of our customers have increased their bottom line profitability by 200 percent​.

Improving bottom line profitability
It's not a matter of just boosting RevPar, it's about improving bottom line profitability. Our system and features are built to do this.
Our revenue management experts will help you all the way
Developed by hoteliers
As the system is developed by revenue management experts, we have a lot of features that makes the daily work easier.

Integration features

Intelligent pricing

With this integration can joint customers systemize their pricing and always be sure that the price on the market is the most profitable price right now. Pricing updates will be done as soon as anything changes.

Automated restrictions

The integration provides the opportunity to automate restrictions. Being able to automatically set restrictions ensures long-term profitability.


With the integration, we create statistics so that you can follow who is staying at your hotel and how these affect your profitability.


Price My Hotel Room

A complete revenue management system.

2000 SEK/monthlyFree for 30 days
Price My Hotel Room Plus

With additional features for advanced revenue management.

3000 SEK/monthlyFree for 30 days