Pricing Manager (Lighthouse)

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About Pricing Manager (Lighthouse)

With the Apaleo/Pricing Manager 2-way integration, your rate recommendation is optimized for your hotel and updated directly into your PMS. Apply pricing recommendations with 1 click or choose Autopilot for fully automated rate sending.

Attract more bookings with prices based on the highest quality data in the industry Maintain control with transparent rate recommendations and fully flexible settings Save valuable time with optimal, personalized rates pushed direct to Apaleo

Boost your revenue by 20%
Pricing Manager adjusts your rates in real-time to ensure that you're selling for the right price at the right time. You set the rules and Pricing Manager takes care of the rest.
Save time every day
Optimal, personalized rates straight to your PMS means less time on your computer, and more time focusing on your guests - and the free trial and intuitive dashboard mean getting started is a breeze!
Price with confidence
Recommendations are backed by the most reliable data in the industry including market demand, events, occupancy and your competitors, and 98.2% of our customers rate our support as great or amazing.
Customize your pricing decisions
Flexible and customizable settings ensure that Pricing Manager caters to the unique needs of your hotel, while recommendation breakdowns show you why we're suggesting each price.

Integration features

2-way integration

With a 2-way integration, you can update your room rate directly from Pricing Manager into Apaleo. It will also help provide more accurate recommendations, and to have an overview of your property’s availability.

Shared data

Rooms Out Of Order, Available Rooms, Occupied Rooms, Rooms Blocked, Physical Rooms. Thanks to the integration, you can also get an overview of your Rate Plans prices linked to each of your Room Types, and enjoy the platform in your preferred time zone and currency.


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