All the instant communication channels used for sales & customer satisfaction purposes.
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Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot, vocal assistant and messaging hub for hotels.

Velma the AI powered chatbot and vocal assistant for hotels More staff productivity: Handles 80% minimum of guest requests automatically in 22 languages.  More direct sales: Hotels increase direct online revenues by 9% More guest satisfaction : Delivers instant response to 200+ frequent requests on 6 different messaging channels.

Messaging hub Quick interface: One place to manage easily your Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SMS, and Booking.com communications Quick automation: With PMS connectivity, send automated messages to your guests at key moments of their journey. Quick interactions: Manage guest interactions from Quicktext desktop and mobile app.

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Quicktext Freemium

Quicktext free chatbot instantly answers your customers’ top 20 questions, takes some pressure off your teams and boosts direct bookings.


Centralize all communication channels(Facebook, Live chat, etc...) Velma Chatbot automates guest interactions Before, during and after stay.

149 €/monthlyPer property