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RevPal delivers insights about your booking pickup behaviors so that you can spot when and where the most burning opportunities or threats can be actionable to better results. RevPal service you by automated direct emails with clear, visible, graphical stories that are easy to they eye and fast to understand. RevPal email visualizations are direct, smart, pointing to the most critical opportunities and threats and very easy to understand RevPal’s service allows your team to quickly identify when in the future you should watch out, where your direct actions can better the outlook.

"Is pickup to your expectations and due to your proactive actions? RevPal will tell you if commercial initiatives work out as planned." "Is pickup or wash happening without your control? RevPal tells you where you may change price or restrictions to change the game outcome."

We don’t use a website that you will forget to login to or blame that you don’t have the time to enter. Our automated email service puts the facts right up in your face via your email inbox. The only way to miss being alerted is to not sign up RevPal as your daily hotel revenue pal!

Integration features

Retrieve all revenue data everyday from apaleo

RevPal is capable to getting the most up to date data from apaleo API.


Your RevPal subscription

Daily emails with actionable insight-visualizations about your booking behavior to unlimited users of your choice.

15 €Per property