Right Revenue

Right Revenue

Data Analysis, Demand Forecasting Rate Recommendation Software Solution.
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About Right Revenue

Right Revenue is a Data Analysis, Demand Forecasting Rate Recommendation Software Solution, designed specifically for the independent Hospitality Sector. Helping hotels make great rate decisions by understand new buying behaviour future-proofing business post Covid-19.

Removing the myth of big data and instead concentrating on useful data; great rate recommendations and accurate forecasting, Right Revenue provides hotels with a system that adds revenue straight to your bottom line, in a user-friendly way.

Right Revenue is built by a Revenue Manager with over 18 years experience. Our goal is to remove the myth of complicated revenue management by partnering and mentoring hotels through the revenue process. We have all the clever machine learning and AI built into the system but Right Revenue presents the data, forecasting and rate recommendations in a way a Revenue Manager both wants and needs –simple, straightforward and accurate. Right Revenue understands the concept of how a Revenue Manager behaves and has built the complex algorithms around the concept of ‘normality’ – that is - how great Revenue Managers react to their business in a real-life situation.

Integration features

Retrieve properties & reservations from apaleo

RightRevenue performs the necessary setup by getting all prtoperty details and list of reservations.


Right Revenue

Revenue Management Solution

300 €/monthlyPer property
Calculate Hub

Quickly calculate the cost of an occupied room and measure profitability of different rates and packages, all at the touch of a button.

BI Dashboard

Comprehensive suite of reports that gives your team all of your business critical BI in one simple dashboard

4 €/monthlyPer room
Total Revenue Solution

User-friendly, flexible and most importantly accurate, helping you make those all-important decisions on pricing, with profitability in mind

6 €/monthlyPer room