Digital guest journey from the booking to the check-out.
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About straiv

straiv enables hotels to make the entire stay a digital experience for hotel guests. With the solutions by straiv, hotels accompany guests along the entire Guest Journey - from the first booking, through the stay, including digital check-in and check-out, to the next direct booking. All hotel information, services and offers are available and bookable for every guest at any time and place.

The solutions enables a quick and easy access via any device, without additional apps and tablets. Currently, more than 3.000 brand, individual and chain hotels in over 29 countries rely on this advanced solution. And also more than 200 apaleo installs happend already.


  • Offer active guest communication
  • Automate internal work processes
  • Expand upsell potential
  • Improve hotel ratings
  • Hotel guests benefit from a quick, easy and contactless service via their own smartphone
  • No app download required

Our solutions:

  • Digital guest service / guest directory (web app)
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Mobile check-in and check-out / digital registration form (web app)
  • Journey messaging (automated guest messaging)
  • Mobile door opening
Self Check-In/Out with integrated payment
Hotel guests benefit from fast, easy and contactless service using their own smartphone or a self-service kiosk.This saves time and eliminates queues at check-in. No app download required!
Automate internal work processes
Use our automated mailing with e.g. booking confirmation, fill out registration card or check-in now available. The registration card will be filled out in advance by the guest and it is paperless.

Integration features

Self Check-in/out and integrated payment

Make sure your operations run smoothly with handy check-in and check-out. Additionally the payment processing will increase efficiency and security of your guests.

Communication with Guests

Email and SMS sending built-in functions increase communication with your guests.

Digital Registration Form

Go paperless with straiv and enjoy the Digital Registration Form functionality.


Check-in/out starting at

This packages enables guests to fill out the registration form legally compliant and check out from their phone.

0.99 €/monthlyPer room
Journey Messaging starting at

Email and SMS sending built-in functions increase communication with your guests.

0.99 €/monthlyPer room
Guest Directory starting at

This package offers you a high-performance guest service system for hotel information and services.

0.99 €/monthlyPer room