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About Xero Powered by Omniboost

The Apaleo to Xero connection is provided by Omniboost and ensures a complete accounting data transfer between your PMS- and Xero environments. The connection transfers data through a fully automated API connection.

Omniboost is a Hospitality Data Unification Platform specialized in automating financial data streams for hotels and restaurants globally. For any questions, please reach out Omniboost via info@omniboost.io.

Focus on what really matters
Remove manual work and possibility for error by automating the extraction, transfer and posting of all the financial data from your PMS to your accounting system.
An accounting flow that works for you
Whether you require Closed or Consumed Flow, Omni-accounting supports several accounting standards no matter which region of the world you are in.
Ensure Tax Compliance
Whether you are in a single or multiple tiered taxation market, Omni-accounting ensures you are in complete compliance to your local tax regulations.

Integration features

Automatic daily journal

Automatically transfer all revenue, payment, VAT and ledger information to your accounting software in the form of a daily journal.

Accounts Receivable (if applicable)

If you wish to include the accounts receivable feature, the integration will transfer the relevant A/R information to the correct debtors in the accounting software.



Standard Pricing Plan

1 €/monthlyPer room